This photograph section is an offsite blog built by residents of Bridlewood Ranches.  The intention of the blogsite is to capture  observations of the diverse plant and animal life. Many of the photographs were taken by residents of Bridlewood Ranches.

The size of properties, which limits density of development, helps to preserve the natural habitat for native plants, trees and wildlife.   Native plants are numerous and flower during the spring and summer months.  Tree cover is mostly live oak, although a few other oaks are found in remote sections of the community, mainly along the watershed runoff areas.

Review these photographs and member generated text on the site:

If you observe a plant that you think is uncommon to the area and you can’t identify it, send a photo to Our resident experts are good at identifying native plants.

Also, we should always be adding to our collection of photos for the gallery, so send us any  photos which will fit into Nature’s Gallery.

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