Longhorn Cattle

Lazy CJ Cattle Company, L.L.C.

In 2005 Lazy CJ Cattle Company LLC was formed and purchased 8 head of Texas Longhorns for the grazing lease at Bridlewood Ranches.  Currently, the herd ranges around 100 head of cattle roaming the properties at Bridlewood.  They are a stunning enhancement to the ranch, adding various colors and Texas flavor.

We look forward to a long term relationship with Bridlewood Ranches and will conduct business in a manner that will make us both content with the relationship.  If you notice any situation that needs to be brought to our attention please feel free to contact us directly.

Property Owners responsibilities
  • We ask that all property owners remove any dangerous materials that may harm the cattle. Loose fencing and open holes can present a dangerous condition for the cattle. If you observe a dangerous situation, or an injured animal, please contact us promptly so we can resolve the situation.
  • We ask all perimeter property owners to inspect and maintain the perimeter fencing.  It is the responsibility of the property owners to keep this fenceline maintained.
  • If you are feeding deer or turkey, our cattle may be interested in feasting on your free food source.  You may want to fence off an area around the feeders to keep the cattle out.
  • If your property is currently completely fenced, you may maintain your community grazing lease by leaving your gates open.
  • In conjunction with regular ranching activities, it may become necessary that we access your property. We will do so only as needed and will attempt not to disturb your property while doing so.
A Brief History of Longhorn Cattle

The Longhorn cattle are a hardy breed that is resistant to drought and disease.  The cattle are mostly tame but please do not interact with them for their horns can be dangerous.  One swing of the head is all it takes.

Texas Longhorn cattle can probably be traced back to Spanish importation of cattle to Florida with subsequent drives to Texas.  This all happened before 1800 and by the 1860’s, the herd in Texas was considered wild and numbered in the millions of head.  The breed nearly disappeared when so many were driven to market, but was saved from extinction in the 1930’s.  Texas Longhorns number more than 250,000 head today and are managed by more than 4000 ranchers.

The full story on Texas Longhorns can be read by visiting the website of Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America at www.tlbaa.org.  This is a  very informative website.





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