Architectural control began in Bridlewood Ranches in 2002 with the issuance of the Bridlewood Ranches Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R’s).  The CC&R’s established architectural control provisions to govern the construction or placement of all new improvements and the alteration or voluntary demolition of all existing improvements. The CC&R’s also empowered an Architectural Control Committee (ACC).   The ACC has the sole authority to grant or withhold architectural control approvals in compliance with the architectural control provisions of the CC&R’s.  These architectural control provisions extend to all improvements such as, but not limited to, buildings, roads, fences, septic systems, water storage cisterns and pools, to name a few. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) has three members, one being the chairperson.  Each is elected by the members at the Annual Member Meeting.  This Committee is responsible to the Members and receives policy guidance and financial support from the Board of Directors.  Here is more information on the ACC roles and responsibilities.

The ACC has developed a summary of architectural control guidelines and procedures.  Members should become familiar with Articles III and V of the CC&R’s and this Architectural Control Summary before starting any improvement project.  If a project will need a variance prior to approval, please become familiar with these variance granting guidelines.

Bridlewood Ranches Owners may now direct email communications, etc. directly to the ACC regarding new construction or changes to existing improvements on a BWR Lot. This new address will eliminate the need to send emails to the individual ACC members, and will ensure that no files or communications are lost in the process. The email account will be checked daily for new mail requests or communication, with a confirming receipt to the sender. Please, direct all ACC inquiries to:

We now have a new form to make it easier to submit a Request For Approval.   Here is the form to request approval of a project.

The Architectural Control Committee current members are:

Rob Jacoby (term expires 2020)

Glenn Barin  (term expires 2021)

Kevin Lyman  (term expires 2019)

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